Demi Lovato, who recently came out as non-binary and prefers they/them pronouns, is sharing a powerful reminder about the harmful effects of weight loss compliments.

The singer took to their Instagram stories to share the message.

They began the statement by writing "Idk who needs to hear this but complimenting someone on their weight loss can be as harmful as complimenting someone on their weight gain in regards to talking to someone in recovery from an eating disorder,"

 They also encouraged people to not comment on other people's body especially if they have no knowledge about their history with food "If you don't know someone's history with food, please don't comment on their body. Because even if your intention is pure, it might leave that person awake at 2am overthinking that statement.

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"Does it feel great? Yeah, sometimes" they added. "But only to the loud ass eating disorder voice in my head that says "See, if people like a thinner you" or "If you eat less you'll lose even more weight"" they explained.

The 28-year-old singer concluded their reminder with a heartfelt message "Moral of the story: I am more than the shell for my soul that is my body and everyday I fight to remind myself of that, so I'm asking you to please not remind me that, that is all people see of me sometimes"

Lovato has been candid about their struggles with eating disorder as well as addiction and substance in the past, they mentioned that the lack of identity is the reason why they overdosed in 2018.

In a podcast with Ashley Graham, the singer mentioned that they replaced their eating disorder with intense workouts and dieting.

The "Sorry Not Sorry" hitmaker, who is in recovery from bulimia, had also been real with their experience with body shaming and body image. In an Instagram post, they mentioned that they are still struggling with the situation "I still struggle. Daily. There are periods of time where I forget about my food struggles and other times it's all I think about. Stil" they wrote. 

The singer had also released a song titled "The Art Of Starting Over" from their new album "Dancing With The Devil". They consider the song to be a motivation as they continue to recover from eating disorder. 

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