Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are taking things between them seriously - and quickly!

Only a few weeks since Lopez and Affleck rekindled their relationship, the couple is no longer hiding things anymore. In fact, the two seemingly started living in each other's houses already.

Over the weekend, the 51-year-old "On The Floor" hitmaker was spotted in Brentwood, California, as her assistant drove her car away from Affleck's home. Although Lopez kept her head down, eagle-eyed fans knew it was her.

Meanwhile, the "Justice League: Synder's Cut" actor also did the same. The public witnessed him drove away from Lopez's mansion near Bel Air.

Despite the pandemic, going into their houses is not really a problem especially since they live near each other's houses.

This, of course, gave life to speculations that the couple already started living together. Still, their recent public outings explain that they are yet to reach that point - but it might happen sooner.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Planning For The Future

The new revelation came only a few weeks after the two expressed how serious they are in their current relationship.

For what it's worth, People reported that Lopez and Affleck work out their relationship as they plan to take it to the next level.


"This is not a casual relationship. They are taking it seriously and want it to be long-lasting," it added.

Lopez and Affleck first met on the set of the 2002 movie "Gigli." They began dating that year and lasted until 2004.

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Unfortunately, they tried to make things worth it that they even scheduled their marriage in September 2003. The couple postponed the ceremony one day before the scheduled date. Following their official break up in January 2004, Lopez quickly married Marc Anthony while Affleck tied knots with Jennifer Garner in 2005.

Like the actress, Affleck also feels crazily in love with Lopez that he thinks of marrying her for real soon.

According to E! insider, the actor remains the same caring and charming person Lopez met decades ago.

"He's a man's man, and she finds him so attractive and strong. She's in it for the long term and sees her future with him," the source went on.

Lopez reignited her relationship with Affleck earlier this year after she had enough of her ex-fiance, Alex Rodriguez. It is worth mentioning that Lopez cut Rodriguez off because he was being too needy.

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