Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates' divorce came as a shock to a lot of people. Who knew that even the wealthiest people don't have perfect lives? 

One of the theories why the billionaires may have ended their marriage is the tech mogul's reported affairs. 

However, the said affairs didn't shock anybody else who is close to the couple. In fact, it is believed to be "an open secret." 

According to the people close to Bill and Melinda, while it shocked the rest of the world, those who are part of their inner circle already knew about the Microsoft co-founder's dark side. 

Two sources even told Vanity Fair that a close friend of the mom-of-three worked with a private investigator that led up to their divorce. 

Employees of Bill Gates also knew about his deep, dark, "open" secret. 

A former employee told the magazine that they saw signs of the fourth richest person in the world cheating in the way he swapped his cars at the office. 

They explained that Bill Gates would sometimes drive a Mercedes to work, then his security personnel would bring a Porsche and leave the office with that. 

According to a former staffer, "We all assumed that it was when he was with women. I knew many offsite meetings were not in his calendar." 

This is just one of the many reports about his contrast personality to what he crafted for the public. 

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Bill Gates' Real Image Debunked 

New reports about Bill Gates in the wake of his pending divorce offer a less flattering image of the nerdy, likeable, relatable and non-threatening man many have known him to be. 

According to former Microsoft employees, there were two occasions where the tech founder propositioned women who worked for him. 

According to The New York Times, though the advances were not predatory, there was an odd workplace dynamic going on that made female employees feel uncomfortable.

Bill Gates also had an affair with a former employee. The affair started in 2001 and went on for years. When the Microsoft board found out about it, Bill stepped down from the board just last year. 

However, according to his representatives, his stepping from the board didn't have to do with it. 

Several employees also told the publication how overly dominant he became very dismissive of his wife, Melinda French Gates, especially in several women empowerment initiatives. 

His links to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein also made it difficult to perceive him as a good person. 

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