Dwayne Johnson continues to rule Hollywood after years after shifting his career.

From being a renowned wrestler to becoming one of the highest-paid actors, Johnson surely has a blooming career in the past years. He also became notable for his growing businesses and movie franchises.

Ahead of the release of his new movie "Jungle Cruise," The Rock reached another milestone by becoming the first item on PEOPLE's list of 100 Reasons to Love America.

In a new interview with the magazine, the 49-year-old "Jumanji" star said that it feels great to be part of the list.

According to Johnson, he has been so lucky in the past few years that even his career is more than enough. While taking the photos for this week's issue in Hawaii, he recalled how he was able to do a lot of things while growing up in the country.

"I was just Dwayne Johnson, the kid who's having a hard time going to school making his classes. I never expected in my wildest of wild dreams that I would ever be in a position to be on the cover of PEOPLE - and certainly not with this kind of title," he said.

Dwayne Johnson More Blessed With His Family

Apart from his recent milestone, he made sure to give his family the best care and love since the pandemic began.

Currently, he lives with his loving wife Lauren Hashian and their children, Jasmine and Tia. He also lives with his ex-wife Dany Garcia's 19-year-old daughter Simone.

Per the actor, the health issue became a shakeup for the whole family. Since the lockdown protocols have been implemented, he reportedly still got up early and dressed like he had plans to go somewhere.

Meanwhile, he also shared a glimpse of how their relationship and marriage life turned amid the health crisis.

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"On a relationship and marriage standpoint, you realize you have to really be attentive to your reactions and responses, because your patience capacity starts to compress," he said.

On learning to have better patience, he and Lauren would reportedly hold at-home school classes. His wife would always serve as the teacher while he sat around with their daughters.

Although he found it tiring to be like in a class again, it tested his patience even more.

Johnson and Hashian got married in 2019. While he is open that they argue sometimes, he assures that they always pull themselves out of the argument within 10 minutes.

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