Johnny Depp joined the list of people who want to pursue Angelina Jolie.

Both Depp and Jolie currently deal with their own legal problems. The "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor is yet to finalize his defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard, while Jolie is still dealing with the custody battle against Brad Pitt.

Despite their current statuses, a new report suggested that Depp actually regretted dating Amber Heard - who is reportedly a "poor man's version" of Jolie.

In an article shared by OK Magazine, a source alleged that the "Fantastic Beasts" actor sighed over his decision to marry Heard. The insider noted that Depp and Jolie share similarities these days by becoming picky.

"Johnny's openly said one of his biggest regrets in life was settling for a poor man's version of Angie when he dated Amber. He's by no means given up on love," the source said. "He's just incredibly picky and guarded these days, and that's one big thing he shares with Angie."

The same source noted that Depp and Jolie both became tough enough due to the recent legal battles. Because of this, their friends allegedly think that they are perfect for each other.

It was not the first time Depp and Jolie have been linked together.

For what it's worth, Vulture once confirmed that the "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" actress once became Depp's romantic partners. The claim had been presented before the upcoming defamation case against the "Aquaman" actress.

Still, this should be taken with a grain of salt since neither the two ever publicly announced it.

Can Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie Be Together?

Their friends' opinions aside, there might be no way Depp and Jolie could share a romantic relationship.

Far from what the reports say, the celebrities hated each other. The actress even openly said that he was fed up with Depp while working on the movie together.

"She's getting fed up with Johnny. Their chemistry was supposed to fly off the charts, but in private, they're not getting along," a source told Celeb Bitchy.

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The feeling was mutual though, as Depp reportedly thought that Jolie was full of herself especially when they were at work.

However, the two expressed how grateful they are to have the chance to work in one set.

Both Vanity Fair and Pop Sugar shared the statements directly from the stars themselves. Thus, there might be a chance for them after all.

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