With continuous innovation, unique products, and scientist-led brands, the future of skincare looks bright post the pandemic. Customers are slowly shifting away from pretty packaging and luxury branding and getting inclined towards transparency, efficacy, and science-led information. Either way, there's been unprecedented growth for clinically proven skincare products in the saturated beauty space. Dr. Cat Begovic, who has married science and nature sophistically, has coupled the clinically proven products with clean beauty, and today, she's got a guilt-free skincare recipe for aging.

Dr. Cat Begovic, a plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills with her skincare brand MD Glam, is excited about the new wave of skincare consciousness. She says, "With the pandemic in effect, people are always looking for science-backed data, and skincare is one among them. This is pushing beauty brands to be honest and transparent."

Clinically proven skin care products are the future while keeping the fun and extravagance related to it. Where once-popular beauty brands decorated our beauty regime bottles, brands like MD Glam put their active ingredients upfront. Dr. Cat believes that customers are well-aware of skincare, and they have the right to know what goes into their skin. 

How Dr. Cat and MD Glam encourages people to indulge in Guilt-free Skincare

Dr. Cat developed MD Glam with a focus on not only skincare but self-care as a whole. We often presume people who are intelligent as beauty conscious. However, we forget that skincare is also a part of self-care. Some people may choose to age naturally and graciously. On the contrary, some might want to lock their freshness and enjoy youthful looks for long. 

MD Glam's anti-aging skincare range caters to women fighting aging symptoms. Dr. Cat aesthetically curates the paraben-free, sulfate-free, dye-free, and cruelty-free product range to suit every skin kind. The MD Glam anti-ageing Kit contains a skin cleanser, toner, day moisturizer, eye serum, night recovery cream, and sunscreen. "Aging is natural," says Dr.Cat, "but there is no dire need of undergoing cosmetic surgery if you take care of your skin right from the start." There have been several positive reviews from customers over MD Glam'sGlam's product range praising the immediate results that appear within weeks.

A Molecular Biology major from Harvard, Dr. Cat, has a genuine passion for clean beauty. While preparing these products, she ensured that they're free of known irritants. MD Glam is probably the only medical-grade skincare brand in the market. Having a plastic surgeon develop it from scratch gives its products a significant advantage over other brands. 

Dr. Cat aims to bring skincare products that talk about results. After dealing with people with body image issues, Dr. Cat wants to reach out to more people with her expertise and gain trust and credibility for her clinically proven beauty products. MD Glam is the best present you could give yourself if you're aging and want to go back to the youthful days without any cosmetic procedures.

If you're searching for scientifically proven skincare products, look no further than MD Glam. Get back to your youthful days without any cosmetic procedures involved.