Everyone interested in the sudden rekindled romance between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are also concerned with how this is affecting ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. According to a new report, not only is Garner fine with the whole thing, she is also not keen to be dragged into it. In short, she is indifferent and would rather stay that way.

According to Hollywood Life, when it comes to her ex Ben Affleck's life, Jennifer Garner generally does not have a comment, as long as nothing he does would harm the kids they share.

The source said that the actress' "only concern" is her and ex Ben Affleck's 'kids." So, despite the headline-making romantic hangouts the actor has had with Jennifer Lopez over the past couple of months, she simply does not have an opinion. 

Sources explained that the actress, who split from the 48-year-old actor for six years now since 2015, is merely focusing on raising their three kids, Violet, 15, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, 9. With all the mommy tasks in her hands, the last thing she needs is to be dragged into all the publicity that's come with the return of "Bennifer," something fans have never envisioned in a million years.

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"Bennifer" is the nickname fans gave Ben and J.Lo back when they dated for the first time in the early 2000s, and it is now being used once more.

"Jen doesn't want anything to do with the media circus surrounding Ben's rekindled romance with J.Lo," the source revealed. "Her only concern is, and always has been, their kids and as long as he's there for them as a father then she's happy."

It's not true that when an ex is keeping mum, he or she is naturally jealous or something. At least in Garner's case, the source explained. 

"Jen is absolutely fine with Ben dating J.Lo but she just doesn't want to get caught up in the frenzy of it. She likes to keep her life somewhat private but supports whatever decision Ben makes as long as he's happy, healthy, and makes their children a priority which he always has," the source further clarified.

It appears though that Affleck is making good of his daddy duties to the kids he share with Garner. 

The actor took time off from kissing and dating J.Lo to attend his daughter's graduation alongside Jennifer Garner. This is the first time that the two have seen each other ever since Affleck reconciled with the "On the Floor" singer. 

Their daughter Seraphina has graduated from sixth grade. The happy event has become a huge family reunion because apart from Affleck, Ben's mom was also in attendance. Seraphina siblings, Samuel and Violet, also showed their pride for their sister. 

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