"Sex Education" season three is finally arriving this year.

And in the tweet of Otis, played by Asa Butterfield, "You lot aren't ready for season 3. Trust me."

Fans have waited patiently since January 2020 to get answers from the cliffhangers the show has been left with from the second season.

It has already been teased some scenes will lead up to a "massive" ending, storylines have reportedly been firmly kept under wraps, so far.

But writer Mawaan Rizwan just had to give the fans a bit of a teaser so they know what to expect on the upcoming season three of "Sex Education."

'Sex Education' Season 3 - What to Expect

"There's a lot of unexpected twists and turns and in my episode, I write on episode five, something really pivotal happens," Rizwan told Metro UK.

He also claimed that viewers are expected to "gasp" because of the things that may happen this season.

What he's particularly looking forward to this season are the storylines of Eric, played by Ncuti Gatwa; Maeve, played by Emma Mackey; and Lily, played by Tanya Reynolds.

Speaking of Lily's story, Rizwan revealed that he could "really relate" to her character.

"She's the weirdo and we all had elements like that outsiderness at high school," the writer added.


Rizwan also talked about how he and the other writers came up with the storylines, confessing that nothing was off-limits.

He revealed how their personal stories were also incorporated on the show, something he's thankful for because they have a "really diverse writers room," that will not allow the show to become "homogenous." Rizwan added, "It's stories with nuance and complexities and contradictions."

The writer also said how "Sex Education" is the kind of show many young ones would appreciate growing up because the characters are so diverse and they can easily see themselves in one of them.

"You see some of these characters work through these icky problems and insecurities and have those bodies, those experiences normalized," Rizwan shared, adding, "I think a show like this is more important than ever."

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'Sex Education' Season 3 Cast

The main gang, Otis, Eric, and Maeve, will be taking the center stage once again, as well as the other minor characters including Otis' mom Jean, played by Gillian Anderson.

New characters have also been added, "Girls" actress Jemima Kirke, "Harry Potter" star Jason Isaacs and Dua Saleh, an artist and songwriter who will play a nonbinary student.

'Sex Education' Season 3 Release Date

Netflix has unveiled the release date for the third season of "Sex Education" - it will be out on Sept. 13, 2021.

The streaming giant has also shared new images of part of the upcoming season where they are all wearing uniforms. In season two, they all went to school in casual outfits so fans may get an explanation as to why Moordale High suddenly required students to wear uniforms.

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