Blink-182 frontman Mark Hoppus updated his fans on his cancer treatment and how he cannot go anywhere else right now.

A few days after Hoppus first disclosed his health condition to the public, he started receiving treatments to stop the spread of cancer in his body.

Mark Hoppus' Cancer Diagnosis: Is He Getting Better?

On Blinko's 45-minute stream on Twitch, the 49-year-old singer said that he does not know yet what type of cancer he currently suffers from.

Still, he assured everyone that he felt much better than the past few days.

"Yesterday was hellish for me and I woke up today feeling better. I went for a walk, and I had a decent breakfast, and I haven't felt like I was going to throw up today, so we'll take it as a win," he continued.

Hoppus added that he walked outside for the first time in five days since receiving his another round of chemotherapy. Fortunately, everything felt better on the next one that he did not stay on the couch for so long.

Meanwhile, he spent time cleaning the host and watching movies - and among the flicks he watched include "The French Connection," "The Italian Job," and "Midnight Cowboy."

Although he could freely walk outside their home, the singer said that he could not go anywhere else right now due to chemotherapy.

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Per Hoppus, he wanted to go to the Dodgers or hang out with his friends. However, none of these is possible right now since his white blood cell count is too low.

Health Grades explains that a patient with low WBC count has higher risk of developing life-threatening infection. This can be tricky for his part since, obviously, he has cancer.

Regardless of the situation, the frontman looked at the brighter side and thanked one of his fans for wishing him a fact recovery.

When Did Hoppus Discover The Condition?

In the past three months, Hoppus had been hiding the diagnosis to his fans. But on Wednesday, he finally disclosed details about it to his fans.

On his Twitter account, the singer divulged that he has been receiving chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

Despite having his family, friends, and fans, he reportedly feels scared of what will happen to him. Still, he feels blessed to be attended by his incredible doctors as he tries to beat the dreaded disease.

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