Even it seems impossible for him not to know that there is presently, a great public's general outrage over his overturned sexual assault conviction -- just based on a legal technicality, Bill Cosby thoroughly enjoyed himself on his first night as a free man.

He's revelling on being free, of being let go after serving just 2 years of his supposedly 10-year sentence. 

After being released from SCI Phoenix in Collegeville - a state prison near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - on Wednesday afternoon, the once perceived as a wholesome television icon, 83, made sure his first night with loved ones would be quite memorable. This, even if there are so many who believe he does not deserve to be out. 

He was able to make his way to his Elkins Park home, where he bonded with loved ones and acted as the man of the hour. He ate A LOT of pizzas, cracked jokes and just hung out, enjoying the attention he's being given, for obvious reasons.

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Cosby and those closest to him reportedly dropped $70 for their pizzas, ordered from Zio's Brick Oven Pizza in Downtown Philly. According to the actor's rep, Andrew Wyatt, his client enjoyed his slices "almost burnt, fresh basil, mozzarella and sauce. It's his favorite."

According to Wyatt (via Radar Online), the comedian also chose Zio's for a noble cause. The actor allegedly wanted to "highlight those restaurants hurting from the pandemic." 

Wyatt added that the actor's first night back home can be described "amazing." Because the actor was too hyped up to be among loved ones, he reportedly "stayed up ... 'til 2 in the morning just laughing and joking and him doing comedy routines."

"He was just telling jokes and having fun, enjoying life," added the rep.

One more interesting tidbit he shared that certainly, Cosby "wants to get back on stage sooner or later."

It's a lofty dream to have since not all of the general public even wants to see him back anywhere on television and surely he personally must know that. 

The embattled star however, appears to be nbothered and even beyond jovial ever since getting his freedom back. It's impossible that he would be returned to jail for the same charges now. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has already declared that he "must be discharged, and any future prosecution on these particular charges must be barred."

The state's highest court overturned Cosby's sexual assault conviction, not saying anything about the actor's actual involvement in the crimes, but instead citing a deal he had made with a previous district attorney that in theory should prevented him from being tried in the first place.

The court also said the actor's due process rights were violated during the trial proceedings.  

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