Boxer Chris Eubank's son Sebastian has passed away. The tragedy struck a month after Sebastian himself became a father for the first time. He was 29. 

A budding boxer following into the footsteps of his dad, Sebastian's dreams are now cut short as he drowned at his home in Dubai. He is the third oldest of Eubank's five children. 

He was already fighting in light-heavyweight bouts in the recent years. His boxer name is Alka Lion and he already fought in two professional fights. Getting his talent from his father, he won both matches. 

The new father was found without life on a beach in the UAE where he and wife Salma, plus their month-old baby Raheem were living. It is unclear why he would have drowned. 

Chris Snr could not be anymore devastated with the news, releasing a very tearjerking statement.

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He wrote,  "Never did I ever imagine I would write these words or experience the feeling I now have at the loss of my son. My family and I are devastated to hear of the death of Sebastian just days before what would have been his 30th birthday." He added that his son left behind wife Salma and Raheem, as well as mother Karron Meadows, siblings, relatives, and friends. 

The boxing legend explained also how his son managed to end up in Dubai and why he chose to live there. 

"Sebastian grew up in Hove in England but in the last few years made his life in Dubai where he had a wide circle of friends and was a leader in the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and of alternative therapies," Chris explained. 

The father also wrote that his son is more than just a professional boxer and a personal trainer. He cited Sebastian's quirky traits included being a deep thinker who loved to challenge already accepted wisdoms, or facts.

"He was loved and respected by all who knew him and will be forever in the thoughts of friends and family. As a family we now kindly ask to be given space and privacy to celebrate his life and remember the son, the brother, the husband, the friend," he concluded.  

Karron Meadows wrote that not only is the whole family grieving over such a massive loss, she also requested that they be accorded with respect and privacy as they deal.


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