Prince William and Kate Middleton brought their son Prince George to the Euro 2020 final.

Though in the picture, it seemed like all was well for the Cambridges, the little prince has reportedly created some serious headaches for his parents.

Prince George was dressed in a suit and tie and looked like a bit of businessman or a mid-level management man; while surrounding him, over 65,000 Brits watched the heart-stopping game with nationalist enthusiasm and warm beer.

But now, it had recently emerged that Prince William and Kate Middleton argued over what their eldest son is going to wear just before the big game.

The Duke of Cambridge had reportedly wanted him to wear an England jersey, a sporty get-up his mom, the Duchess of Cambridge, wasn't so keen on the idea of his son's ensemble.

According to The Telegraph, "Yesterday I had an afternoon tea with the Duchess and it was very much a discussion whether George will be allowed to wear the jersey tonight at Wembley or not," said Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli.

In the end, it seemed like Kate Middleton won the argument, as Prince George arrived suited to the game.

And while Kate Middleton won, Prince Harry and the rest of the world are not so happy about the little prince's outfit.


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During the UEFA Euro 2020, where England beat Germany, the third in line to the throne's outfit at the game has sparked a heated debate on social media platforms.

Prince George, who's only seven years old, donned a formal suit and tie, similar to his dad.

While he looked brilliant and cute, royal fans criticized Prince William and Kate Middleton for making their son wear a suit to a football game.

On Twitter user asked, "Why on earth was Prince George wearing a suit and tie to the football? He's a little boy. Someone give the poor lad an England shirt."

"Prince George should have been wearing our football kit, not a suit. Who made that decision," another Twitter user said.

Another said,"Absolutely terrible PR from the palace to put Prince George in a suit instead of a tiny England strip with the tiny shoes and knee-high socks and everything."

Meanwhile, it wasn't all that bad. Others raved about the little prince's ensemble as they believe his outfit was appropriate for a future king.

"Do we actually expect a future king to be wearing a replica England kit??? #getreal," one person tweeted.

"Prince George in his suit with an England tie on is so cute even if he does look like he would rather be elsewhere," another said.

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