Despite all the negative things thrown at Jamie Lynn Spears - Britney's younger sister, amid the latter's conservatorship battle, their sisterly bond is said to be as strong as ever. Jamie Lynn reportedly feels she's been nothing but supportive and thinks those throwing hate at her just do not know anything.

As more stories and secrets come into light in the middle of Britney Spears' conservatorship battle, one person that fans have taken to hate is Jamie Lynn Spears. Most fans believe that she could have done more to protect her older sister, who was her own ticket to fame before deciding to turn her back from showbizness when she got pregnant at 16.  

An insider said that Jamie Lynn thinks all the negative stuff thrown at her, even sometimes mixed with death threats, are all misplaced. 

Specifically, she feels like she has been nothing but supportive.  Even though she's taken some heat amid the conservatorship drama, an insider revealed to Hollywood Life that Jamie Lynn has consistently been supporting her sister.

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"Jamie Lynn feels she stands behind Britney like crazy," a source close to the family revealed. "She wants the best for her and does believe she needs more rights. Her sister has literally no say. She gets a bad rap that she's not fighting for her but that's ridiculous. There's a lot of things going on that people don't understand," the insider added. 

Jamie Lynn was also questioned for not speaking up sooner after Britney's bombshell conservatorship hearing. She has already personally addressed the issue on her social media. 

The former Nickelodeon star decided to break her silence  and posted a video on her Instagram Stories on June 28 to explain why it took time for her to say anything, while so many other people outside the family were already able to give their support and their two cents. 

"I felt like until my sister was able to speak for herself and say what she felt she needed to say publicly, that it wasn't my place, and it wasn't the right thing to do," she explained.

"I think it's extremely clear that since the day I was born, I have only loved, adored, and supported my sister. I mean, this is my freakin' big sister, before any of this bullshit," she also said.

She proceeded to explain that whatever Britney wanted to with her life, she has always just been "concerned about her happiness" long before "hashtags" were created. 


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