The newest Pixar movie "Turning Red" has dropped its first ever trailer. No one would be embarass to say it looks kind of cool and good.

Pixar Movie "Turning Red" Trailer Drops

On this first look, fans would be introduced to Mei Lee, a 13-year-old undergoing the rigors of school. She can be seen innocently attending her math class when, outside the window, a security guard spots an intruder on the grounds - her overly protective mother, Ming.

Naturally, as many kids would be at her age, Mei Lee becomes embarrassed and agitated. But Mei Lee's embarrassment seems to be a notch higher that normal. To the sounds of the Backstreet Boys' "Larger Than Life," she would turn into a giant red panda, which would help her escape her anxiety-inducing situation.


From the trailer alone, it was easy to say that this is going to be a highly-awaited film. Unfortunately, the film is slated for a release date not this year, but the next, specifically on March 11, 2022.

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For those who do not know, "Turning Red" is the first feature film directed by Oscar-winner Domee Shi, known best for her highly-acclaimed short film for Disney's Pixar, "Bao" in 2018. That one quickly won the hearts of many and then promptly won the Academy Award for best animated short film.

"Turning Red" From "Bao" Director

What makes it all the more interesting was that it was also the first Pixar short directed by a woman of Asian descent. 

"Bao" worked because even though it was technically incredulous, many could relate. The same could be said of "Turning Red." First off, the new film was inspired by Shi's relationship with her mother, as well

"I'm an only child with Chinese parents, so I was very protected. I'd always been my mom's 'little dumpling,' " revealed Shi in an interview with The Chronicle, when talking about the inspiration behind the phenomenal "Bao" in 2018.

In "Turning Red," the mother, Ming, is voiced by the enigmatic Sandra Oh. On the other hand, the girl who can turn more than tomato red when embarassed, Mei Lee, is voiced by newcomer Fremont-born actress Rosalie Chiang. She does not just turn red - she actually becomes a full-blown gigantic red panda. 

Shi was born in Chongqing, China, and grew up in Toronto. She relocated to Bay Area in 2011 when she underwent an internship with Pixar. Her talent garnered her a permanent position. Her talent contributed to widely-watched Pixar films, "The Good Dinosaur," "Inside Out," "Incredibles 2" and "Toy Story 4."

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