Glasgow indie act Gunke is set to return with his new single "Mum" - a playful and fun beat that wraps up some seriously dreary songwriting, making for a unique listening experience.

Released under local indie record label and music collective Negative Hope Records, "Mum" follows the Glasgow artist's previous track "Football" that successfully harkens back the coarse guitar sound characteristic of the 2000s rock scene - showing Gunke and his work's penchant for early era The Cribs.

Luc Grindle, the Man Behind Gunke
(Photo : Gunke Instagram Page)

Described in a press release by music collective Ravechild as "a playfully buoyant indie rock number, which counteracts the darker subject matter discussing the fading embers of a dying relationship, before crashing into a wild ending bringing the lyrical frustration to the forefront," the song calls attention for both the songwriting and the composition. Gunke is really proving his unique way with songs, encasing his pessimistic lyricism to new levels with catchy hooks and sing-along tunes. "Mum" perfectly captures this unique Gunke moment with its chorus: "I don't think your mum really likes me, but that's okay 'cause no one does."

About Gunke

Gunke is the solo creative effort of Luc Grindle, who also plays for Glasgow acts Dutch Wine, HEYUP, and Moonsoup. With this individual project, Grindle works to bring out a brighter, more positive side to punk rock.

As for his latest single, Grindle says: "'Mum' is all about finding yourself in a position you are

unable to escape from and requiring to see difficult situations through to the end." He additionally explains that while his latest single has a more pessimistic lyrical content, he was looking to create "something more optimistic for the lyrics to sit on top of."

'Mum' was written, performed and mastered by Luc Grindle himself and mixed by Melissa Brisbane.

"'Mum' was a good release of energy to write during a frustrating and confusing time, it helped me understand what was going on in my life so became a very positive piece to create despite the less hopeful lyrics," Grindle added.

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