Even with Megxit, this does not mean Queen Elizabeth, and even Prince Charles, would not hate iff the two decided to pursue things without consulting them first. This is reporteldy while Queen Palace and Prince Charles are reportedly angry that Meghan and Harry struck a Netflix deal without asking them first. 

The Duchess of Sussex has already created a new animated series for Netflix called 'Pearl'. Archewell Productions, the company formed by Harry and Meghan, described in a statement that the programme will revolve around an adventures of a 12-year-old girl, who reportedly felt inspired by a range of influential women in her life. 

The series will be produced by Meghan herself, promptly releasing a statement that she is "thrilled that Archewell Productions...will bring you this new animated series, which celebrates extraordinary women throughout history."

Critics already attacked said news with vengeance the moment it was released, claiming that the storyline is probably not fitting for kids,  and that Markle just made the new series all about her. But it is not only critics who have misgivings though - the senior royals as well.

According to Express UK, the lucrative deal and Markle's "passion" project could have rubbed the Queen and Prince Charles up the wrong way.

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The two senior royals were said to be unhappy that they were not allowed to say what they think about this Netflix deal.  Australian royal correspondent Natalie Oliveri claimed this move has landed them in hot water. They may be oceans away, but this does not mean they are unaffected with what the Queen thinks of them. This time though, it may not be because the two have made a big decision for themselves as much as the fact that they have chosen Netflix to struck a deal with. 

"It sounds like Harry and Meghan are in hot water again," she surmised. "It all comes down to this Netflix deal, worth £112m and the issue here is how Netflix has been portraying the royal family," she explained. 

Netflix's "The Crown" has portrayed some members of the Royal Family in a not-so favourable light, reportedly in a bid to be as accurate as possible.  The story about Prince Charles in Season 4, which depicts his tumultuous marriage to Princess Diana, was one of the harshest portrayal of this family. 

Back in January, it was reported by The Mirror that the palace could not believe how fast the two are moving to gain the financial independence they wanted to pursue when they left their royal duties. 

The report claimed that there is a general unease within the Royal Family about the pace at which the Sussexes have signed deals with the likes of Spotify and Netflix.

"There is undoubtedly a sense of unease over the pace at which they have entered the corporate world and the way in which they have conducted themselves relating to their various legal disputes," an insider said.

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