Bill Cosby's wife may not be sporting her wedding ring - a telltale sign for many that their marriage must be in trouble - but an insider claimed there really is no trouble. 

According to Radar Online, a source revealed that even though Bill Cosby is presently in the middle of a scandal, there's zero issues in his marriage.

Camille Cosby had people talking over the weekend when she was photographed without her diamond ring, many claimed that this is her way of saying that she can no longer stand being married to the newly-released actor. 

The rep of Cosby's family told Radar that this gossip is quite funny. 

"It's hilarious because Mr. & Mrs. Cosby have been happily married for 57 years and counting," the rep said, implying that Camille not wearing a ring is no big deal. 

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It is hardly the first time she did not wear the ring, Truth be told, the insider implied that Camille has been ringless for more occasions than people could count. The thing is, this is not just noticed in the past.

"They have not worn wedding rings in almost 30 years," Wyatt revealed, claiming  it's not that weird for long-term married couples.  Wyatt added that there are so-called vultures just out to attack Bill Cosby and now his wife. 

"These are the same 'media insurrectionist,' who are angry that this intelligent, strong, and vibrant Black woman [Mrs. Cosby] stood by her husband, as well as vehemently proclaimed Mr. Cosby's innocence," Wyatt explained. 

"Mrs. Cosby's efforts came to fruition, when the PA State Supreme Court vacated Mr. Cosby's unjust conviction on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 saying, 'D.A. Kevin Steele's actions were a reprehensible bait and switch,'" he added. 

If Bill Cosby's wife is to be described on this particular sighting, it can be said that she certainly did not plan on hiding from the cameras. Her whole ensemble was attenting-catching since she was dressed to the nines. It was so colorful people could not help but take notice of her, and her lack of wedding ring. 

Per Page Six, on Friday local time, this was the first time that the 77-year-old was photographed for since Bill's sexual assault conviction was overturned by Pennsylvania's highest court. She was a staunch supporter of her husband, even as the accusations became intense.

Since when are all accusers truthful?" she asked in her May 2018 statement before Cosby's conviction.

She claimed that the media was doing everything they could to demonize her husband. 

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