Tom Hanks is reportedly having an unhealthy and toxic marriage with Rita Wilson, their son claimed.

For over three decades, Hanks and Wilson already went through ups and downs. They even contracted and survived COVID-19 together.

Behind their seemingly perfect relationship reportedly lies a toxic union.

For the July 26 cover of InTouch Weekly, the tabloid released the alleged copy of the text message Chet Hanks sent to his former girlfriend, Kiana.

The image revealed that his parents hit rock bottom due to lies.

"I watched my mom domineer and control my dad for my entire life and he just sat there and took it," Chet reportedly texted. A source agreed to the message and said that the son currently sees his parents' relationship as a "marriage of lies."

Chet added that he hates how he is becoming what he hated about Hanks that he now blames them for his current abusive behavior. Meanwhile, Kiana told InTouch Weekly that she comforted her former boyfriend and made him realize that his parents gave him a wonderful life.

Is The Report Real?

Following the publication of the issue, GossipCop investigated the matter and found out that nothing on the report revealed the truth.

"Chet Hanks isn't the only son of Hanks and Wilson. The couple has three other children: Truman, Elizabeth, and Colin. They all seem well adjusted with booming careers of their own. None of them have made similar claims as Chet," the investigative outlet explained.

It added that both Hanks and Wilson have been posting images of each other in the past years. Although no marriage is perfect, seeing how happy they have dismissed the claims.

Furthermore, Chet and Tom have been publicly shown their broken relationship. Thus, it is not surprising that he blames the veteran actor for his behavior.

It is also worth noting that Chet faced multiple legal headaches in the past years.

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In April 2021, his former girlfriend filed a protective order against him after he allegedly threatened and abused her on multiple occasions. The two started dating in 2019.

The first abuse incident reportedly occurred at the Windsor Court luxury hotel while Chet was filming for "Your Honor." She reportedly experienced physical and verbal abuse from the young star.

The next incidents reportedly occurred on Dec. 22, 2020, and January 2021.

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