Miami-based artist Soleil continues his upward streak this 2021 with the release of her new single "Loves To Blame," together with an engaging music video.

The new song, "Loves To Blame," is an upbeat, soulful love song that contrasts with her previous release, "Noise," that carried darker, more ominous undertones. WIth this stark difference between the two consecutive releases, Soleil only proves her versatility as an artist.

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Discussing how love affects and changes people, Soleil explains: "When you're into someone, you start accommodating your life, so that you can fit the other person into your schedule." She continues how love makes one think about the other person often, leading to a desire to make things "official." These and a host of other symptoms can only be attributed to love, she says. Also, she finds fun in the combination of the words "love," which is often positively connotated, and "blame," which is often taken negatively." For Soleil, the two words create something like an oxymoron and a very clever wordplay.

"Loves To Blame" was written by Soleil herself, together with James Murphy and Mitch Cantor. Samson Rawls lent support in the vocal production stage, with the song recorded at Audio Vision Recording Studios.

The track was released with a music video, showing Soleil vibing and dancing around - enjoying the excitement and euphoria that comes with falling in love. With fun and poppy video vibes, "Loves To Blame" invites audiences to experience love as Soleil paints it. The MV was directed by Liz Pollock, together with Grizzly Films.

About Soleil

The singer-songwriter originally hails from New York, but is currently based in Miami, Florida. Soleil has performed on countless events and stages across the US and has made appearances on a number of radio stations and media outlets including Rolling Stone, EARMILK, ELEVATOR, and The Hype Magazine.

Soleil has also received attention and recognition from some of the largest companies in the music industries: Sony,, SoundCloud, and ReverbNation. She has commanded the attention and affection of her fans with her powerful, crystal clear vocals to tell the different facets of love. Her versatility also manifests itself in her proficiency singing in different genres: blues, EDM, hip hop, jazz, pop, R&B, and soul.

See the music video for "Loves To Blame" by Soleil below:


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