Piers Morgan caused public outrage following his comments on several Olympians amid the Olympics 2020.

It's already 2021, but Morgan continues to make people's eyebrows with his controversial comments on certain things. This time, he invited more attention after shaming those athletes who fail to grab gold medals.

This week, the Tokyo Olympics began to reunite the best athletes of the world. Despite the pandemic, the committee pushed through the event and made sure they could finish it on time.

However, since the day it began, the former "Good Morning Britain" unceasingly posted tweets that garnered criticisms.

What Piers Morgan Said About Olympics?

Initially, Morgan claimed that nobody cares about the COVID-affected Olympics. He also expressed how sorry he feels for those athletes who try hard to score their dream.

"That is the harsh reality. And the great champions like @adam_peaty know it. It should have been either further postponed or cancelled," he continued.

Several sports presenters, like Gary Lineker and Gabby Logan, challenged him after reading the tweet. Logan, who serves as the BBC Tokyo Games reporter, dismissed Morgan's belief about people not caring about the sports event.

The presenter, in return, explained that TV ratings these past years suggested that most people do not pay attention to it anymore. Because of COVID-19, he reportedly believes that the Olympics has been ruined by it.

Meanwhile, Gary proved him wrong and called the Olympics something uplifting and inspiring instead. He also said that events like this are what people need during trying times.

Morgan hit people's nerves even more by denouncing athletes who only managed to win silver and bronze medals.

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"Getting a lot of Silver and Bronze medal-winning Olympians berating me for saying only Gold matters. But no Gold medal-winners. Funny that!" he exclaimed.

He particularly set James Cracknell, who won two Olympic Gold medals, as the perfect example of a winner.

His update caused former Olympians and active sportsmen to challenge him in a fight. Three-time Olympian Paddy Barnes and boxer Tony Jeffries were among the professional athletes who slammed the presenter.

But things got worse for Morgan after commenting on the outfits of Tom Daley and Matty Lee who competed in the diving competition. Morgan particularly called them out for sexualizing skimpy briefs. He then suggested having them wear full-body unitards "to protect their dignity."

Internet users already demanded him for an apology, but Morgan seems to be unbothered by their replies against him.

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