Are Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani already having misunderstandings following their marriage?

A tabloid recently claimed that Shelton and Stefani are already arguing over their desired future together.

In a report posted by Life & Style, it revealed that Shelton asked Stefani to give up her life in Hollywood to permanently settle down in Oklahoma. An insider revealed that Stefani feels reluctant now as her life is actually in Hollywood.

"Most of Gwen's work is based in L.A., and it's close to Las Vegas, where her residency is starting up again this fall," the source said. "Plus, her family is in Cali. As much as she loves the country, Hollywood is her true home."

The same article alleged that the 45-year-old country singer is pressuring his wife to move permanently to Oklahoma. As stated in the report, Shelton is seemingly desperate to make his plea come true since he thinks his ranch is the perfect place to start their lives as a married couple.

However, Stefani reportedly suffers from second thoughts because she cannot see herself living far from his family.

The buzz went on as the outlet alleged that Shelton offered to renovate his guest houses around the area where Stefani's family could live. It concluded the post by claiming that Stefani feels tired of the pressure already.

Is The Report True?

GossipCop immediately looked into the matter and debunked the claims. Per the investigative site, there is no proven evidence that the couple currently faces tension in their married life.

In addition, Shelton himself cannot move far from the area, as well, due to his works and ties, including being a judge on "The Voice."

At some point, though, the country singer expressed his desire to have a simpler life with her muse after their marriage.

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According to Shelton, he is happy to accomplish a lot of things in the industry. However, living peacefully is currently his main goal.

"The older I get, the more I kind of feel like I'm starting to turn into a little bit of a hermit," he went on. "You know, and just kind of passing on things."

With that said, Shelton and Stefani could live simpler lives while standing in the spotlight from time to time. They also got the freedom to do whatever they want following their marriage.

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