Prosecutors are claiming that "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Erika Jayne is playing dirty illegal games amid the embezzlement probe.

The investigation is heating up even further because the reality star is reportedly being "insincere" when she claimed she was worried for her husband Thomas Girardi's former clients whom he robbed millions from.

Early this year, it was reported that the former superstar lawyer was forced to file involuntary bankruptcy.

His former business associates and clients are accusing the Girardi of not paying them millions of dollars, those he owed from.

Amid his financial troubles, Girardi was placed under a conservatorship by his family, claiming the once-respected lawyer is diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer's.

The court appointed a trustee to take control of his finances amid his bankruptcy.

But now, some of his prized possessions are going to be sold just to pay off the debts he owed his victims.

The trustee has recently proposed that Tom Girardi's interest in the NFL lawsuits should be transferred to another law firm, adding that the other firm had already been working on the cases and will be taking over from there.

However, Erika Jayne objected to the trustee's decision, believing that the NFL suits could likely bring in $20 million to their estate, which could be used to pay off her husband's debts to the victims.

The reality star also doesn't deny that it's also possible she might get some money from those suits as well, despite already filing for divorce from Girardi.

Last year, she filed the necessary paper works and is demanding spousal support from her ex. However, the case was put on hold after Girardi filed for bankruptcy.

Any surplus dough available after her ex-husband's creditors are paid, could likely end up in the singer's pocket.

But in recent court documents by the trustee, they laugh at the former Mrs. Girardi's suggestion that they court should stop the transfer of NFL suits to another legal firm.

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According to the trustee, Erika Jayne doesn't get to object on the decisions or any on this matter.

Her objections reportedly have "no basis" and are said to be "completely devoid of any evidence."

While she can easily defend herself in other things, they said that not in this one.

The other matter involving the luxurious woman was a lawsuit filed by the trustee demanding her to return $25 million and other high-priced items.

The trustee said in a statement,"The trustee is legitimately concerned that Erika's objections represent her latest effort to interfere with the Trustee's administration of the Debtor's case, and are part of a larger campaign to hinder the Trustee's investigation of claims against Erika."

After the lawsuit was filed, they further said, "Erika's feigned concern is nothing more than a distraction. In reality, Erika's objections could derail the Trustee's work to maximize the Estate's value for the same creditors she claims to be looking after."

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