Brittni Mealy exposed Future as the rapper allegedly texted his son a derogatory text message about his mother.

Brittni Mealy shares her eight-year-old son with the "Mask Off' singer and is one of the six women who has a child with him.

In 2009, the two knew each other at the Atlanta club where Brittni worked as an exotic dancer. The rapper frequently visited the club exclusively because he wanted the dancer to perform for him, according to Mealy's interview with TheYBF.

"We eventually exchanged numbers, talked on the phone, and became friends. I was in a relationship a the time, so it didn't go anywhere," she said.

However, when the dancer-turned-entrepreneur moved to Miami, they reconnected and entered a serious relationship.

Everything turned sour when the celebrity gained success and started "mistreating" and "disrespecting" the family he built with Brittni.

The rapper's baby momma revealed he even housed another family in the same street as their home.

"I didn't end the relationship when I found out, because I was in too deep in love and he promised he was getting rid of the other "situation," as he called it, when the time was right," said Brittni.

Brittni Mealy Posts Future's Text

The successful businesswoman took the screenshot of Future's text to her Instagram stories which she later deleted. On Tuesday, Brittni shared to her 500k followers on Instagram the derogatory messages that her son's father sent to him.

The "Low Life" rapper had texted his son saying, "Your mother is [a] hoe," which Brittni did not take lightly. The mother had captioned it with, "He [Future] texts this to a child. You [are] a real coward. He [is] 8 years old, stupid."

According to sources, Brittni uploaded a long rant in her stories claiming that Future's actions had been "child abuse" and "cruelty to children."

And as for her post, the rapper had been hard to reach for three months even though they live in the same state. Mealy continues to say, "Petty cause someone don't wanna be sexually active with you and just want to co-parent!!!"

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Future Posts on Twitter, Fans React

Future's only reaction to the situation is his Tweet saying, "Pray for Her," while everyone else is losing it.

"Future told his 8 year old son that his mother is a hoe," reported one account with the proof of the deleted Instagram stories.

  This person has other plans, "Future baby mama posted his number. I'm finna t[e]xt him"

While, a fan can't seem to stop herself from ranting about the situation and ending the thread with, "Say whatever you want to the mother of the child but to text that to the CHILD is a cause for you to get jumped."

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