One source stated that Kanye West is worried over his new girlfriend, Irina Shayk, that he came on too strong the model might break up with him.

According to a report made by National Enquirer via Gossip Cop, the Grammy-award winner is slowing down his relationship with Irina Shayk over fears that "he's coming off as clingy."

The article even described West as "crazy" about Shayk, but he is concerned about scaring her off while they are in a relationship.

There have been rumors that things have already cooled off for the couple, which made him more paranoid. An insider even spilled that he "accepts in hindsight" that maybe he came on "a little too strong for Irina's linking," and he has to calm things down.

Kanye West Cuts Down Daily Gifts?

The outlet also added that West is taking a step back to give Shayk more space which made the rapper cut back her daily gift bags, flowers, and jewelry boxes.

"After hearing rumors she was overwhelmed, he's afraid he's gone too far!" the source claimed.

As the report added, West understood Shayk's fully loaded modeling career as well as being a dedicated mother to her and Bradley Cooper's 4-year-old daughter.

The article further explained that the "DONDA" producer is trying not to freak out Irina too much at once and let their relationship grow naturally.

Not only that, but they said Kanye was also desperate not to fall into another relationship like the time he spent with Kim, as Irina is entirely different. "He is terrified he could lose her!" they added.

Shayk and West went public by June, though the two have been working together for years as the model appeared in his music video for "Power."

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The Truth About West-Shayk's Relationship

As the question regarding West taking a step back to keep Shayk with him is valid, Gossip Cop doubts it. It was a bit suspicious for an artist to believe more from rumors than their significant other.

As tabloids want to believe that their writings influence celebrities' lives, that is not the case in this situation. This report clarifies that the magazine doesn't know anything about them at all to speak regarding this matter.

Basing off from a more credible source, Shayk was reportedly disturbed by the splitting rumors with her beau. A source close to Shayk said she is "so upset at the lies about her and Kanye," confirming that they are still together.

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