Even supposed Church and family friends of Josh Duggar's family do not feel safe arond him. According to a new reprot, Duggar is not only being considered a flight risk, he is said to be a very dangerous criminal. So much so that his parents' friends feared letting him stay with their minor child, alone.

While church friends took in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's son Josh Duggar after he was released from prison, they did not do so with their arms wide open.

They were exceedingly "hesitant" to agree to let him live with them, Radar Online reported.

Jim and Michelle's pals LaCount Reber and his wife Maria told the government they were concerned about letting Josh staying with them. This was based on recently unsealed court transcript that Radar was able to obtain.

LaCount Reber and his wife Maria, Jim and Michelle's pals, told the government they were concerned about Josh remaining with them.

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The prosecutors alleged that it was Jim Bob who had asked the couple for a favor. They also revealed these church friends felt quite fearful of Josh. Maria told the feds that she has some grave concerns and worries about Josh's alleged past conduct and "showed some hesitancy in talking about initially whose idea and whose decision this was."

Further, they claim she showed "hesitancy in wanting to leave her own minor daughter alone with Mr. Duggar."

This bit of information that can affect how Josh Duggar will be regarded, came about as the government tried to convince the judge to not allow Josh out on bond because he is a flight risk. 

Prosecutors have contented that Josh was a flight risk and that the offenses he committed were extremely serious so he cannot just be released on bond. They wanted the court to examine what Duggar did before deciding to let him be out, even if this is to be done with conditions.

One lawyer representing the government said, "the Court needs to take into consideration under the statute is the nature and the seriousness of the danger to any person or the community that would be posed by Mr. Duggar's release." 

The legal team also alleged that Duggar's crimes cannot just be downplayed. "We know he is capable of hands-on offenses because he has engaged in them in the past, and we know that the child pornography that Mr. Duggar was looking at involves the sexual abuse of toddlers and young children. He has a history, a history dating back 20 years, that shows his sexual attraction to children and the deviousness of his activity," it says.

On his part, Duggar said he's far too recognizable to be a flight risk.


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