Steve Harvey was said to be causing a "family feud" for getting in the way between daughter Lori Harvey and one year boyfriend Michael B. Jordan.

One outlet claimed that the father-daughter duo is at odds over the talk show host's "busybody ways."

National Enquirer via Gossip Cop reported Steve Harvey's meddlesome ways going in between him and his daughter. They also admitted that Steve is determined to become close with Lori's almost one-year boyfriend, Michael B. Jordan, yet, he did not appreciate his efforts.

Steve Harvey Asking The Couple For Marriage?

Michael and Lori were reported to be the biggest celebrity hookup of 2021, as of Glamour, claiming that the two started going public after New Year of 2021 as they posted photos on Instagram.

An insider told the outlet, ​​"Steve doesn't know the saying 'three's a crowd,' and wants to hang out with them. But he really wants to be buds with Michael and take him away on boys' weekends."

Jordan was said to be not minding the host's comedic presence, but the fact of Steve Harvey being too apparent for pushing their friendship work has made their relationship sour instead. "At first Michael was flattered, but now he's getting a little annoyed with the constant calls - especially when Steve asks them when they're getting married!"

The outlet further spoke about the claims of the two getting ready for engagement, but they do not like the pressure they were getting from Steve. Regardless, the source concluded that the "Black Panther" star does not know how to open up to Steve and that he does not want him to throw an engagement party just yet, without offending him.

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Are The Statements True?

As the source got investigated, Lori and Jordan can rest easy as it is evident that the story is false, aside, of course, from the couple seeing each other.

Steve Harvey has already shared his strong support to the couple in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, that he even described the actor as "one of the nicest guys."

He even jokingly said that he "tried not to like him" so that he could find something wrong about him. And just because Steve loves Jordan, that does not mean he's obsessed with becoming so close with him.

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