Catherine Paiz had given ex Michael B. Jordan the cold shoulder when the YouTuber accidentally saw him at a basketball game.

According to sources, the actress attended the game with her husband Austin McBroom, who also stars in their "Ace Family" YouTube channel.

Michael B. Jordan, accompanied by Drake, was allegedly ignored by Paiz after running into them.

The incident was recorded by someone at the game and spread on various social media platforms.

The couple also greeted Drake with a handshake and a hug.

Austin acknowledged Jordan by aiming a slight nod towards him, while Paiz didn't even spare a glance.

The interaction between the two past lovers at the Los Angeles game drove the crowd of fans crazy.

Twitter Reacts to Exes Catherine Paiz and Michael B. Jordan Bumping Shoulders at Basketball Game

Twitter discussed if Catherine Paiz downgraded by marrying Austin McBroom instead of Michael B. Jordan.

As the video spread on social media, the Twitter community have expressed their opinions on the unexpected situation.

User @defnoodles reposted the video and captioned it with, "Austin and Catherine McBroom have awkward interaction with Michael B. Jordan..."

A clip posted was shortened to a 12-second highlight where "The Ace Family" avoided eye contact and passed by Michael.

Most of the reactions had been disbelief for Paiz's downgrade, "SHE DATED MICHAEL AND ENDED UP WITH MCBROOM?!"

  Some cannot even imagine how Paiz even moved on, "Hold up, imagine dating MICHAEL B JORDAN and leaving him for AUSTIN MCBROOM??? The downgrade"

"I'm sorry but how tf do you go from fine ass Michael B Jordan to Austin mcbroom," said another person.

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Michael B. Jordan Does Not Care, Kissed Up Hot Girlfriend Lori Harvey on Instagram

Those who follow Michael B. Jordan's girl @iamloriharvey_ on Instagram knows how unbothered and in love the two are.

The two spent Independence weekend together on holiday with their friends, as seen on Lori's Instagram posts and stories.

The post included a video of the love birds looking fabulous before giving each other a little kiss on the lips.

According to Glamour, the two had been dating since Thanksgiving last year but only been official since January.

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