Did Chet Hanks score himself a win?

Tom and Rita Hanks are close to disowning their controversial son after several statements on COVID vaccine safety, UFO existence, and so much more. Still, it seems like somebody has seen him having a "potential."

On Tuesday, he brushed off the controversies as it has been announced the aspiring musician has been signed to Soulja Boy's record label, SODMG Records.

In an Instagram post the rapper shared of himself and Chet, the "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" rapper exclaimed, "Chet Hanks, my new artist signed to SODMG Records as the first rapper signed this year. We are about to make history, you know what I'm sayin'!?"

In the short clip, the son of the Hollywood stars can be seen standing beside the 31-year-old rapper.

Chet wore a leather vest filled with patches and a pair of black jeans. He also had a baseball cap on his head and had a drink on his cup to celebrate his newest milestone.

Both of the rappers shared some high-fives before Chet lunged into the camera and urged social media users to "just wait! Just wait!" for them to see what he can bring to the table musically.


The 31-year-old's record deal comes a day after he continued to rant about his controversial stance on the COVID-19 vaccine on his social media, despite his parents, Tom and Rita Hanks, being one of the first major celebrities to catch the virus back in 2020.

The celebrity offspring asserted that there isn't enough evidence to prove that vaccines, such as Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, are beneficial, despite almost 170 million Americans already vaccinated.

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Other Chet Hanks Drama

In April, Chet Hanks has also been sued by his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker for alleged abuse.

Lawyers of Kiana claimed Chet physically and verbally abused her during their relationship, even went on to say that he has shown "an ever-escalating pattern of domestic abuse."

In an occurrence in Oct. 2020, Kiana claimed that Chet became furious when she wanted to leave their New Orleans hotel room, where he was filming for the show "Your Honor."

That night, Chet reportedly became aggressive and hostile, that when she tried to leave, he reportedly "grabbed her with great force" on her right arm that caused a lot of pain.

Chet has also called her a "ghetto black b*tch" and even smashed her phone into pieces.

Other sharp objects were involved, with TMZ publishing a video of Chet accusing Kiana of threatening him with a knife and not the other way around.

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