Is Nicole Kidman bitter over Keith Urban's alleged crush on his co-star on "The Voice Australia?"

The hit reality franchise is back on Australian TV, and this season shows only some of the best Blind Auditions the show has ever seen and heard.

Aside from the show's contestants, it has also been reported that viewers are also talking about the coaches on the show.

Those who work on "The Voice" set told New Idea that there's a natural chemistry between Nicole Kidman's husband, Keith Urban, and British singer, Rita Ora.

During the show's taping, insiders revealed "electricity" between the two, and they even get along really well.

"It was one of those situations where Rita had arrived and was quite unfamiliar with everything, so she stuck to Keith very closely."

Keith Urban, who first met the "Let You Love Me" singer at the 2018 ARIA Awards, reportedly formed a friendship, and they immediately bonded over their experiences in touring.

The insider also said, "As the bigger 'international' stars on the show, they just had more in common and it really allowed for great on-screen banter as well."

Urban, 53, and Ora, 30, are still competing on the show, as they secure artists for their respective teams, but fans can't help but notice just how too close they are for comfort, especially during the Blind Auditions.

One fan gushed, "Keith and Rita are hilarious - they're so fun to watch together."

Despite the country singer using one of his blocks against Ora, they still seem to show their close bond on TV.

Urban even joked he thought he was ordering a margarita cocktail when he blocked Ora, with fans thinking if "Marga-rita" could be a nickname she gave the pop singer behind the scenes.

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Unfortunately, while fans are happy for the two singers, Nicole Kidman has reportedly been skeptical.

Insiders close to the couple insist that the Hollywood actress wasn't happy with Rita Ora's inclusion, that they even claim that she has been worried for her husband, who may be portrayed as a flirty person.

"Keith is so charming and naturally people become besotted with him. Nicole knows that."

The insider added that Tom Cruise's former wife is just being cautious and prefers not to see Urban have "puppy dog eyes" for others instead of being them just for her.

Even Jennifer Lopez was dragged to the story because Urban worked before on "American Idol."

Though it's still in the past, Kidman reportedly is still worried but will continue to make sure she doesn't lose Urban.

It's still best to take this report with a grain of salt.

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