Jessica Chastain had physically prepared herself to 100% commit to her role in "The Eyes of Tammy Faye."

The actress had secured the film's lead role, which entailed that she would also look the part of Tammy Faye Bakker. The "Interstellar" star had damaged her precious face in the name of beauty and professionalism.

Jessica's dedication to embody the famous religious figure also included not only her acting skills but also her outward appearance.

The transformation had surprised Chastain's fans into disbelief due to the extreme makeover that she had undergone. The actress confessed how becoming Tammy Faye affected her emotionally and physically.


Jessica Chastain Aged 6 Years

The real Tammy had been dedicated to her purpose as a televangelist, which means she had no interest in appearances.

By imitating Bakker's facial features throughout the film's production, Jessica had permanently damaged her skin. During a recent interview with The Los Angeles, the starlet had admitted that she had foregone her usual skincare routine.

"I take very good care of my skin and I stay out of the sun and all that stuff. But it's heavy. And when you're wearing it all day every day- the weight of it on your body, it stretches your skin out," said Jessica.

She continued to say, "I finally took [the makeup] off and I was like, 'I look 50 years old! No, I'm kidding. But it's fine. It's for my art."

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Jessica's Make-Up Freak Out

Setting aside her own opinion about the transformation, Chastain still felt a little "freaked out" by the heavy makeup. "I was freaked out. I was like, 'I don't know how to act like this. People think it's easier, but it's not. You have to reach through the makeup. You can't let the makeup be the performance," Jessica shared.

According to E!, the starlet had been worried that her emotional on-screen performance wouldn't be received well through the layers of cosmetics.

As she tried to remain professional, Jessica did experience health concerns while getting caked in makeup.

"I got to set and I was so panicky. I started to have hot flashes because it's so heavy and hot." the actress said. The lack of circulation and the long hours spent sitting on the makeup chair had drained her of energy.

However, Jessica reiterated that it was all part of the process of channeling Tammy Faye Bakker and was incomparable to her past roles.

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