Matthew Perry has reportedly decided to change his looks after being criticized recently during the "Friends" reunion special.

OK! magazine reported that the iconic actor was heartbroken and insulted by the comments on his looks, so now, he is taking it upon himself to change things up a bit.

Per the outlet's tipster, "The things people were saying about how terrible he looked really hurt him."

"Now, he's determined to get back on track physically and mentally."

Matthew reportedly started his makeover by changing his eating habits and lifestyle. Currently, he is only consuming low-carb foods on his diet and has also been drinking juice cleanses, particularly the green ones, and of course, protein shakes.

But the Canadian-American comedian didn't just stop there. The outlet said he also hired a personal trainer and started lifting some heavyweights to revamp his look entirely.

Before this, the 52-year-old actor allegedly didn't like to exercise but now had a change of heart, as he is now in the best time to commit to a strict rule.

The tipster said, "He's eager to pull himself together and turn his life around. Matthew is on a serious self-improvement mission."

They added, "Whatever he's doing, it's working."

In fact, Woman's Day claimed in June that his "Friends" co-stars were shocked to see how old he looked when they reunited for the special episode.

"David in particular was stunned by how much he's aged and deteriorated. Matt and David feel duty-bound to get him the professional help he needs."

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Matthew Perry has also been in the middle of a few controversies recently, including where he and his girlfriend Molly Hurwitz called off their engagement.

Several publications said that he "has spiraled out of control."

Mathew struggled with alcohol and drug addiction throughout the past several years but has turned his life around upon meeting Hurwitz.

Shortly after getting engaged, they later decided to call it quits. Their relationship reportedly took a turn for the worse after Matthew allegedly messaged a TikTok star and asked if they could facetime.

Per several reports, his then-girlfriend reportedly didn't know that Matthew was still trying to hook up with other women.

But since their breakup, Matthew is allegedly struggling to move on from her and has spiraled out of control.

However, there is no indication that Matthew has been going on a downward spiral following their breakup. In fact, he seems to be doing just fine.

The claims about his makeover are reportedly not true as well. There's no proof that he was insulted by the comments of his appearance at the "Friends" reunion special.

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