At least three people died in Louisiana after a group of men filming a viral TikTok challenge witnessed a shocking drive-by shooting.

According to News Week, as reported by The Independent, the incident took place near Linwood Public Charter School. A group of men was filming a challenge called "Milk Crate Challenge."

In a video circulated online, a person can be seen walking across the crates; then the unthinkable happened, gunfire can be heard as the man filming the video runs for his life. (watch the video below)

He shouts, "get me my gun, get me my gun!" as he looks for a safe place to hide.

An investigation is ongoing as cops are still figuring out whether the suspect specifically targeted the men doing the challenge.

At the time of this writing, there are still no updates regarding the identity of the shooter.

Per the outlet, two people were shot outside the school. Authorities were also called and responded to the exact location of the incident, which is at Circle K on East 7th St. at Gilbert Drive, where a woman tragically died in the back seat of a vehicle.

The car driver told police officers that they tried to drive away from the scene, but he immediately stopped when he found out the woman behind him died.

The other two passengers in the vehicle, including the driver, survived and did not suffer any injuries.

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The Dangers of 'Milk Crate' Challenge

The viral video is taking the social media platform by storm; the viral frenzy already amassed more than 15 million views on TikTok.

The mechanics are simple; a person will try to cross over a pyramid of crates without falling.

However, medical experts are warning the public regarding the dangers of this challenge.

Dr. Rajwinder Deu of John Hopkins University spoke to USA Today and mentioned that the social media craze is very risky for someone's head to toes.

"Everything depends on your fall, what angle you fall and what part of your body hits the ground first," the doctor said.

Severe injuries are also possible when a person falls as it can dislocate hips, torn ligaments, fractured wrists, and more.

In early reports, Snoop Dogg is also slamming the challenge, calling it the "bridge of death" as he posted a compilation of videos showing its adverse effects on people who are participating.

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