Lloyd Dobyns Jr., an award-winning NBC News correspondent, has died at the age of 85, his family confirmed.

Dobyns' son, Ken Dobyns, confirmed the tragic news to Associated Press, saying that his father died on Sunday in North Carolina. According to Ken, the famous news anchor suffered from health complications after facing a series of strokes.

His former "NBC News Overnight" partner, Linda Ellerbee, expressed her heartbreak upon learning the news.

"He was a friend, teacher, trouble-maker, and a world-class journalist," she said, as quoted by New York Post. "I shall miss him more than I can say."

Meanwhile, internet users who saw him perform his job through the years also shared their memories with the late anchor. Some also took their time to reveal how Dobyns inspired them in their lives.

One Twitter user shared a screenshot of Ellerbee's Facebook post alongside a caption to honor the late personality.

"Lloyd Dobyns has died. Linda Ellerbee posted this on Facebook. If you never had the privilege of watching him and hearing his writing, find his newscast videos," the user said. "As a young pup, I wanted to be Lloyd Dobyns when I grew up. I still do. There was none better, ever."

Another wrote, "Lloyd Dobyns got me through a lot of sleepless nights back then. And Linda Ellerbee, too."

Who is Lloyd Dobyns Jr.?

From being a young Virginia native, he initially served his early days in the US Army before starting his broadcasting career at the WDBJ-TV in 1957.

Three years later, he found fortune and became a news anchor of NBC affiliate, WAVY-TV. From there, he rose even more that he advanced to become a news director.

Dobyns looked for further opportunities by leaving Virginia for New York. He immediately became the managing editor of WNEW-TV before joining the NBC News team. He worked as a foreign correspondent for NBC News in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and America.

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After spending time abroad, he returned to grace the TV News magazine "Weekend." The position led him to earn a Peabody Award in 1975.

When he left "NBC News Overnight," he appeared for a short time in "Monitor." He also famously led the documentary "If Japan Can, Why Can't We," which explored the Japanese's booming industry while American manufacturing hit rock bottom.

Lloyd Dobyns Jr. officially retired in 1986.

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