The upcoming biopic "Spencer" immediately received backlash after releasing its first trailer ahead of Princess Diana's death.

This week, CinemaCon featured the first look of Pablo Larrain's biopic about Princess Diana, titled, "Spencer." The flick will explore Princess of Wales' life with Prince Charles until they ended their marriage in 1996.

This will surely bring back the royal princess' life as a royal, but remembering her this way failed to get most royal watchers' approval.

Days before Princess Diana's 24th death anniversary, NEON's official YouTube channel dropped the first trailer of the flick following its first viewing at the CinemaCon. While the trailer initially earned critical responses to critics, royal fans immediately slammed the creators for not letting Princess Diana rest in peace.

One Twitter user said, "People are profiting off Princess Diana after all these years. Even in her death she's still commodity and it's quite sad. How many movies are gonna be made? Now there's a musical too? All based off of sources....let her soul rest.."

"You heard what you wanted to hear, PW didn't say that. Harry and his wife meanwhile continue to exploit Princess Diana's legacy. Let the woman Rest in Peace," another added.

Others also pointed out that people should start creating flicks that focus on her legacy and humanitarian work instead of her personal life.

Kristen Stewart Also Faced Backlash

Following the backlash, people added that Stewart is a terrible casting choice to play the role of Princess of Wales. In comparison, they suggested that the creators should have chosen Emma Corrin, who played Princess Diana in "The Crown," to continue portraying the role instead.

However, experts applauded her for a seemingly notable portrayal of the role as seen in the trailer. In the footage, Stewart's Princess Diana becomes emotional as she gets bombarded with rumors about Prince Charles' affairs and paparazzi dealings.

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It also shares a sneak peek of Princess of Wales' days when she spent her Christmas vacation with the royal family at Norfolk's Sandringham estate.

"Spencer" will arrive in theaters on November 5, but long before it finally comes, people shared their excitement and opinion about the flick. Aside from Stewart and Farthing, Olga Hellsing (Sarah, Duchess of York), Niklas Kohrt (Prince Andrew), and Amy Manson (Anne Boleyn) also appear in the flick.

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