Johnny Depp became Captain Jack Sparrow again to surprise his excited fan at a festival.

Disney no longer considers Depp to reprise his role on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise. After losing his legal battle against The Sun over wife-beater claims, the company chose to remove the main actor.

Still, fans continuously hope for his return that talks about his potential reappearance still dominate the spotlight.

But recently, the actor himself became Captain Sparrow for a special fan.

Captain Jack Sparrow Is Back!

Depp attended the Deauville American Film Festival as one of the guest of honors of the annual event. This catered awards, press opportunities, and red carpet events.

In one part of the red carpet event, the 58-year-old actor met his fans who attended the event to see him - and one of them is a young "Pirates of the Caribbean" fan who wore Jack Sparrow's costume.

After seeing the young fan, Depp started interacting with him and even used Jack Sparrow's voice to talk to him.

"Have you ever seen what you look like? Because I know when I look like that... I look different but I look the same!" he quipped.

It was the first time the public saw him doing the role again since the franchise's last movie, "Dead Men Tell No Tales," in 2017, the lowest-performing chapter ever. He participated in five films of the Disney franchise for over 15 years.

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Although the talk about his ousting came up following his legal defeat, the original scriptwriter Stuart Beattie told DailyMailTV that Disney ditched the actor since they were currently planning to do a major reboot and rework the whole franchise.

"I think he's had a great run," Beattie said. "Obviously, he's made that character his own, and it's become the thing that he's most famous for now."

Despite not including him in the cast anymore, Disney and the producers thought that his role will always be his legacy.

Among the rumors about his return included producer Jerry Bruckheimer's plan on bringing him back into the franchise through a cameo. There was also a theory that Captain Jack Sparrow faked his death, allowing Disney to bring him back anytime they wanted.

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