Rapper Scarface has been granted a second life, thanks to his son.

After months of enduring the ferocity of the dreaded COVID-19 virus and its effects, Scarface found hope in his son, who chose to share his kidney with him.

On Instagram, the rapper's son, Chris Jordan, shared a photoset on Wednesday after the successful kidney transplant surgery.

"What a journey it's been. Surgery went well my dad is thriving kidney is working great!!!!" he captioned the post before thanking everyone for their prayers.

In another post, he uploaded a video of himself as he visited his father's hospital room while they were both recovering from the medical procedure.

Scarface can be heard expressing his gratitude to his son for saving his life than telling him how much he loves him while holding his hand. Chris, in response to it, said "I love you" back.

Following the life-saving experience, their colleagues and friends immediately send congratulatory messages over the successful transplantation.


Rap-A-Lot Records founder, J Prince, unveiled a snap of the father-and-son giving thumbs-up to the camera.

"I celebrate with the both of you for being an example of unending love. Chris, a lot of people talk about how much they love your dad, but you have separated yourself from the talkers by your actions. We all salute the both of you and wish you both a speedy recovery," he wrote.

Scarface's Horrendous Health Battle

Scarface survived his months-long battle against COVID-19, and it was not an easy journey for him.

In March 2020, chron.com reported that the legendary Houston rapper was tested positive for the virus. According to Scarface, he first experienced an itch in his throat for a few weeks and began taking medicine for it.

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A few days later, he developed a fever that was high enough for him to be rushed to the emergency room. After receiving treatment, he reportedly did not feel any better and revisited the medical facility.

At that time, he finally tested positive for COVID-19.

As an asthma patient, the rapper struggled so much he felt like an "elephant was sitting on his chest." Unfortunately, his symptoms persisted and got worse to the point that he needed a kidney donor to save his life.

A year later, they found out that his son, Chris, was a match. The transplantation was immediately scheduled afterward.

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