As the Duke retires to Balmoral to join the Queen amid public criticism over his imminent sexual abuse case, he has been chastised for putting his mother through this. He's a grown man after all and the Queen is too busy, too old, and too nice to be made to suffer this, at least to some commentators.

After the Duke of York went to Balmoral Castle to stay with the Queen, a Jeremy Vine panelist urged Prince Andrew to "stand up like an adult." Storm Huntley called the prince's behavior "embarrassing," accusing him of "hiding out" at the Scottish residence, as reported by Express UK.

Prince Andrew is currently facing sexual abuse allegations and is under increasing public pressure to respond in a formal legal manner.

He has categorically refuted all of the claims leveled against him. 

Huntley, a journalist remarked, "I think it's shameful that Prince Andrew is putting his mother through this, why is he going to stay with his 95 year old mother in a time like this?" "Take yourself out of the equation, deal with it like a grown up, stand up as an adult, on your own and get on with it," Huntley further said. "Don't put your mum through this, the fact that he's hiding out at her gaff is just embarrassing," she cannot resist saying.

On September 8, Prince Andrew and his former wife, Sarah Ferguson, returned to Balmoral. He had previously visited the Scottish property with his family in August and is thought to have attended crisis meetings there after learning of the looming sexual assault prosecution.

On August 10, his accuser filed a civil complaint under the New York Child Victims Act, accusing the Duke of sexually abusing her three times. Ms Virginia Giuffre was allegedly sexually raped by Prince Andrew at the London house of Epstein accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, as well as twice at Epstein's homes in Manhattan and the US Virgin Islands, according to the case.

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Ms Giuffre claims that Prince Andrew acted knowing she was a "victim of sex trafficking" who was only 17 years old at the time. Prince Andrew's association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who was caught in 2019 and later committed suicide in prison, drew flak. Ms Giuffre was one of numerous women who spoke out against Epstein's alleged wrongdoings.

The Duke of York has claimed that he was unaware of the disgraced financier's predatory behavior and that their connection had ended in 2010. In a BBC Newsnight interview in 2019, Prince Andrew disputed all allegations against him, saying that the alleged abuse "never happened." However, he was chastised for failing to express contrition for his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. The Duke of Edinburgh stated shortly after the interview aired that he would be retiring from public life and would no longer represent the Queen during formal engagements. 

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