Tyra Banks is experimenting on so many different looks even before joining "Dancing With the Stars." After all, she is a supermodel.

Just before the premiere of the hit ABC reality contest, she decided to channel singer Saweetie, the baby hair expert.

Tyra gave her a shout-out on Instagram, saying, "Honey I am channeling your baby hair."

"I said give me Saweetie baby hairs, honey!"

In the caption, she also said, "I'm channeling you, boo. #BabyHair."

Meanwhile, the rapper responded to the former TV host, saying, "I love," along with a heart emoji.

While the two ladies are lifting each other, fans were not happy with the look Tyra Banks recreated that is said to be inspired by Saweetie.

The look appeared to be a cornrowed wig with a swooped and slicked-down style that doesn't call Saweetie vibes at all.

After it became viral, Tyra immediately became the butt of jokes and memes.

On Twitter, one person said, "Lawdy who thought these dry cornrows with Diamond ribbon would work for Tyra Banks."

Another said, "Who's gonna tell her?? #HotMessDotCom."

This wasn't the first time Tyra Banks paid homage to another celebrity. Last year, she also dressed up in outfits Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj wore.

But this year, it seems like she is reviving the tradition by experimenting with her hairstyle instead.

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Tyra Banks Returns As DWTS Host - What Do The Fans Think?

"Dancing With the Stars" officially returned for season 30, and so did its controversial host, Tyra Banks.

Fans opinions are still split about her hosting gig after replacing long-running DWTS hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews.

Many long-time viewers were very disappointed with the new host, with Tyra constantly coming under criticism for her scene-stealing costume changes, as well as talking over the judges and ruining her lines.

But despite the hostile reception, the network continued to bring the "America's Next Top Model" guru back to this year's season to present the show's season 30.

But has the opinion about Tyra Banks' hosting the show changed?

Some fans welcomed Tyra back warmly, while some still didn't want her.

One person said, "Can Tyra be the first elimination of the season? It would make me SMIZE."

Another person asked, "How do we vote Tyra off???"

A third person said they still couldn't get over the firing of Tom and Erin and called Tyra "not right for the show."

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