Tom Hanks does not deserve to be canceled, fans insisted.

Hanks' fans immediately checked their Twitter timelines after the actor's name appeared on the social media site's trending list. Apart from his upcoming movie, "Finch," there should be no reason for him to be part of the list.

But a Twitter user still started the trend and asked the internet who they would choose between Hanks and three others.

"One actor and ALL their movies gotta gooooo...Who do you choose?" the Twitter user captioned a post, sharing photos of Hanks, Denzel Washington, Robert Downey Jr., and Leonardo DiCaprio.

However, the new trend did not get a lot of answers compared to the first damaging "Choose One Chris" post. Instead, fans started calling out participants for creating absurd trends.


In the reply section, Hanks' fans ensured that the 65-year-old "Cast Away" actor was not canceled.

One explained, "Tom Hanks should never be eliminated just based on the fact he has to tolerate Chet Hanks. And nobody on this planet is canceling Denzel Washington. So Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Downey Jr. can fight for it."

Wajahat Ali of The Daily Beast said, "To everyone saying Tom Hanks you all are really willing to let go of TOY STORY movies? This is why we can't have good things."

Even news outlets once tried canceling the actor.

In June, an NPR TV critic wrote a column against Hanks where he was called an "anti-racist" rather than "non-racist." This became the latest damaging example of the cancel culture in the industry.

The Damaging "One Has To Go" Meme Trend

From being a food meme, the "One Has To Go Trend" eventually made its way to Hollywood.

Aside from Hanks and the three actors, the four Chris of the Marvel Cinematic Universe initially caused a widespread trend.

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Twitter users initially ousted Pratt and called him "worst Chris in Hollywood." A challenge by screenwriter Amy Berg asked the internet which famous Chris -- Pratt, Hemsworth, Evans, or Pine--has to go.

In the end, the "Guardians of the Galaxy" actor lost the battle due to his alleged issues, including his reported support for anti-LGBTQ churches and approval for former POTUS Donald Trump.

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