Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are reportedly in therapy.

However, it's not for the reason fans may think.

As many say, prevention is better than cure. And so, the couple's remedy to get stronger each day is to undergo couples therapy - despite not experiencing any problems in what seems to be a perfect relationship.

Since this is the newly-rekindled couple's second time to date, with the first one back in 2002, they want to ensure that their relationship will last longer than what happened before.

Not only is this their plan, but the "Maid In Manhattan" star and the "Daredevil" actor also wants to make sure that this time, their wedding will push through soon.

An insider told the WHO magazine, "They're going to couples counseling. They want to avoid the pitfalls that plagued them before."

"Their therapy sessions are solution-based, not heavy or intense debates."

A Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Movie?

The source also revealed that JLo and Ben are very clingy with one another and that the next step to seal their relationship is to work on a movie together.

The couple will reportedly choose the perfect project to work on because of their pickiness. After all, they also don't want to experience the same backlash they faced starring in the movie "Gigli."

According to the source, "If they don't film a movie together, they want to take turns working so that they can stay close."

The source further said, "They want to do a film like a modern-day Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. But they'll only do it if they connect with one of the scripts they're sent."

JLo and Ben Affleck In Therapy - The Truth?

It's best to take the outlet's source with a grain of salt. There is no confirmation from Jennifer Lopez nor Ben Affleck that they're undergoing couples therapy.

Even their representatives have not confirmed the claims.

It's also unlikely for the couple to go through something that intimate. After all, they had only rekindled their relationship a few months ago.

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Wedding Bells For JLo and Ben?

There was also a previous report that the "Hustlers" star and the "Gone Girl" actor are already planning their wedding and that it would take place this winter.

Unfortunately, these are also mainly just rumors as neither celebrity has confirmed it.

It seems like Jennifer Lopez, and Ben Affleck are just having fun and enjoying the ride.

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