As Britney Spears' father is now officially out of her conservatorship, many of her fans rejoice following the series of protests they attended to achieve her freedom. Recently, #FreeBritney supporters are planning to move on to another celebrity they believe needs their help.

According to an interview with TMZ, Spears' supporters said they want to focus their shift on another celebrity, Amanda Bynes, who's currently under a conservatorship.

An unnamed fan told the outlet that many people are still suffering the same fate as the pop star, and it does not end in Britney Spears. (watch the interview below)

Per the outlet, many fans believe that they will rally for Bynes next because they feel like she's stuck in an almost similar situation despite different circumstances.

"there are so many people in the United States who have been abused by the conservatorship system, but as far as celebrities, Amanda Bynes has been in conservatorship." The fan said.

In addition, the supporter revealed a striking similarity between the two stars saying both of them were placed under a conservatorship at the age of 26.

The fan clarified that he believes both celebrities' situations are different, but he insisted that Bynes shouldn't be under supervision by conservators.

Megan Radford, one of the #FreeBritney movement organizers, said they would definitely help Bynes fight to put an end to her situation and educate the public on the abuse that people go through under a conservatorship.

Who Is Amanda Bynes and What Happened To Her?

Amanda Bynes was one of the famous child stars in Hollywood, but it's been a while since she starred in a movie or a TV show.

According to Honey, the actress was placed under conservatorship in 2013 after having several mental health issues and battle with substance abuse.

In recent updates, a judge decided that the "Easy A" actress should remain under the protection of conservatorship until 2023 because they're satisfied with her progress.

Her mother, Lynn Bynes, previously told Us Weekly that her daughter is "doing great."

"Amanda would love to be unconserved. She's expressed it over and over. The timing is not right at the moment, so she's working in that direction. We all are working toward that direction, and one day we all hope to see it." The actress' mother said in July.

In early reports, Bynes was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Early reports state the actress needed desperate attention before her conservatorship was put in place.