Jake Gyllenhaal recently revealed a behind-the-scene secret regarding his steamy sex scene with Jennifer Aniston.

In 2002, the pair worked together on the set of "The Good Girl," where they became main characters and lovers in the romantic movie. In a recent interview with Howard Stern, Jake had admitted just how much he struggled while filming with his co-star.

According to the actor, some specific scenes were hard to shoot due to how intimate it was. Sources reported that Gyllenhaal had described the situation as some kind of "torture."

The "Love & Other Drugs" star continued to say that these kinds of love scenes aren't as sexy as it seems on screen. "Weirdly, love scenes are awkward because there are maybe thirty- fifty people watching it," he said.

Jake Choreographs Sex Scenes

On Tuesday, Jake had shared how doing sex scenes doesn't arouse him no matter who his leading lady is. When the host asked him to expound on the situation, he answered, "That doesn't turn me on, so most of the time it's oddly mechanical."

"It's a dance, you're choreographing for a camera. You can get in it, but it's like a fight scene, you have to choreograph those scenes," he explained.

The veteran actor confessed how industry professionals usually have fake sex with their acting partners. "The pillow technique was used. That was just pre-emptive and used generally always when actually in a horizontal place in that movie," he said.

"I think that was actually a Jennifer suggestion," the celebrity recalled. "She was very kind to suggest it before we began. She was like, 'I'm putting a pillow here.'"

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Does Jake Find Jennifer Hot?

In "The Good Girl," Aniston and Gyllenhaal had played the role of two lovers who engage themselves in an extramarital affair with each other. So, establishing a connection between them had been important for the lovemaking scenes.

According to E!, it wasn't much of a problem since Jake already harbored a little crush on the "Friends" starlet since 2016.

"She's a rough one, you know, not likable. So hard to compliment. I will say, I had a crush on her for years... That's all I'm going to say," Jake had confessed during an interview.

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