Imagine your life if you only did the easy things. A life where you reacted without thought or never pushed yourself to see another perspective. Under those circumstances, you would never apologize when you offended someone - because you didn't mean it that way. Right? All things considered, you would never push yourself to realize - that whatever issue has you perturbed might not be about you.

On the season finale of Ted Lasso - one filled with Easter eggs from Melrose Place and Harry Potter - we see Coach Lasso actively no sell the pain Nate has caused him. Ted's able to do this because he has actually dealt with and processed his own pain that he has held inside for years. The episode does an excellent job showcasing how Ted Lasso is venerated by his peers even as some people attempt to clown him for his panic attack.

I loved it, it's the one thing you NEED to watch this weekend.

Now is also a great time to start picking out your Halloween costumes. If you and all of your friends are dressing up together read this post. If you and your boo thang are trick or treating then read this. I suggest you guys dress up as Malcolm and Marie.

If you want some smooth, groovy tunes from a bright rising star. Check out Jenevieve's new album.

People you don't like can easily be avoided - but it seems like everyone is working arduously to get themselves worked up.This is Daphne Dorman.

If you ever wondered why all numbers on television start with 555 it's because people call numbers they see on television thinking it's real. Don't believe me? Watch this.

Oh yeah, if you're a fan of Ted Lasso like I am you'll enjoy watching Hannah Waddingham and Juno Temple have a conversation.

Invisible threads hold us all together.

Sidenote Apple feeds your old phones to a robot named Daisy that can eat 200 phones an hour.