Princess Diana was loved because of her charm and the way she interacts with the public; that's why she's dubbed as "the people's princess," however, the late royal's life wasn't always a fairytale, as revealed by a reporter who was given a chance to interview her before the royal wedding of 1981.

Angela Rippon, one of the conductors of the interview, will be featured on CNN's latest documentary series titled "Diana," which would focus on the Princess' authentic self behind her public image.

The show will showcase unseen footage and interviews that will unveil Diana's truth behind the shy smile.

In one clip from the series obtained by People, Rippon reveals how the Princess of Wales' true personality came out after the "awkward" interview was over.

One of the courtiers came and spoke to the Princess, asking her if it was alright to take a photograph. "No, not now," she recalled Diana said.

At that moment, Rippon saw Diana choose to go against what the monarchy needed, which shows why she never fit in with the family.

According to her, there was something more to the late Princess. She believes that Princess Diana was not the "marshmallow or the Play-Doh" that was going to be molded into what the royal family wants.

"Running through all of it was a backbone, a knowledge of her own self." Rippon added.

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The 'Awkward' Interview Before The Wedding

ITV newscaster Andrew Gardner was also present in the interview wherein he asked general questions to Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

However, Gardner received silence as a response, so he gets more specific on his question. He then asked Diana if she was looking forward to creating a home at Highgrove estate.

The 20-year-old Princess coldly responded with, "oh yes, very much so. Looking forward to being a good wife."

To which Prince Charles replied "gracious," with an awkward smile.

The Wedding and the Drama Between Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Camilla Parker Bowles

The Prince and Princess of Wales got married on July 29, 1981. They had their first child, Prince William, in June the following year and Prince Harry in September 1984.

The couple's marriage was met with controversy. Per Woman's World, the Prince continued meeting Camilla Parker Bowles despite being married to Diana.

The Prince and Duchess Camilla got married in 2005, less than ten years after Diana's death.

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