It is said that Owen Wilson has never even met his third and youngest kid, who just turned three.

Varunie Vongsvirates, the 52-year-old actor's baby mom, recently released a photo of her daughter Lyla, in which the two seem strikingly similar. Her flawless complexion, button nose, large blue eyes, and beautiful little pout were all on display for the photographer in the adorable Sunday snapshot. 

The new baby proudly displayed her fashionable straw hat and white sweater outfit. 

"Happy 3rd birthday to my wild child! I love you so much!!!!" the proud mother penned the sweet message for the picture she shared on Instagram. 


Though not much is known about Varunie, the 37-year-old mother frequently posts pictures of her daughter on social media. Owen isn't in any of them. Today, she shares why. 

Wilson, 37, and Vongsvirates, 37, had a five-year relationship that ended in divorce. 

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However, according to reports, even though he was aware all along that Varunie was pregnant and that he had been "told when Varunie was four weeks," he still refused to acknowledge their relationship was growing. 

Lyla was brought into the world on October 31st, 2018 at 6:05 am. After a month, sources informed Us Weekly that Wilson "refuses to meet his daughter. He even checked the no visitation box in court in June ... He does not want to visit [and does not] want any custody of her." 

At first, it wasn't clear if Lyla was Owen's kid; nevertheless, a paternity test done before her birth proved that he was her father. "Of course, if a paternity test establishes that he is the father of another child, he will fulfill all of his obligations to support his child," noted the insider at the time. 

Even yet, Vongsvirates gave birth to Lyla without Wilson's assistance, and a source told Us Weekly that he didn't get in touch with her after the baby was born because he was "too busy." 

On the other hand, Vongsvirates opened out about parenting Lyla all by herself in 2019. 

In an interview with the Daily Mail, she said that her ex-boyfriend behaved like an absent father and was "not involved at all" with their kid. 

"He helps financially but it's never been about that," she told the outlet. "Lyla needs a father. It's ironic how [Owen] keeps getting these father roles, he's playing a father in his new movie, and he's never met his own daughter." 

When asked what she wants to say to Wilson, Vongsvirates said, "You should see your daughter, she's incredible, you're really missing out. She looks just like you." 

Even stranger, Wilson has two more children from two other relationships. 

Jade Duell, his ex-girlfriend, has a 10-year-old son named Robert and fitness trainer Caroline Lindqvist has a 6-year-old kid named Finn. 

In August, Owen talked about becoming a father to his two boys, but he didn't bring up the possibility of having a third, or his daughter in particular.

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