Cheeky Posh, Victoria Beckham's new cream cheek color, was promoted during a dazzling visit on Good Morning America on Tuesday. 

David Beckham, the star's husband of 22 years, was also openly discussed, with the 47-year-old saying, "We're very supportive of each other. He's an incredible dad and a wonderful husband."  

One Twitter user wondered aloud: 'What happened to her face?' when confronted with the shocking transformation of the former Spice Girl. seeing as she was interviewing with considerably bigger lips, as reported by Daily Mai UK. Another begged: 'Please no more lip fillers.'

Other users expressed their admiration for Victoria Beckham, but expressed concern over the damage done to her lips. 


Another person wrote, 'Victoria Beckham on GMA is freaking me out. She only moves her eye lids and lips when speaking... it's so unnatural and distracting. The botox/filler game can work for pics, but wow it's not good for life things." 

"Victoria Beckham looks freakish. Geez Ladies. What is the goal? What is the ultimate look. Face pulled back to behind the ears. Lips busted and glossed. Stretched out Cat eyes. Sorry, I just turned 47, maybe I'm just getting too old for these older ladies," another said. 

All in all however, the interview itself was good as Victoria Beckham got a bit generous about what it's like married to David for all these years.

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David and Victoria have fun together, and they support one other in whatever they do, she said. 

She added: 'It's about having fun and enjoying that person's company. I genuinely love being with him.' She then joked: 'Which is good after all those years.'" 

A bonus!' Victoria said amid laughter from Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan. 

After 22 years of marriage, the couple has four children. Brooklyn, the eldest, went viral last week after preparing a sandwich on the Today show. 

When asked by co-host George Stephanopoulos what sort of'marriage knowledge' she intends to pass on to her children, Victoria Beckham - who will appear on Live! with Kelly Ripa and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in a marketing blitz  said she really does not know.  

'Oh my goodness, marriage wisdom, you know, I don't know,' she replied.They have a   of fun, he's a great parent and a great spouse is all that she knows, she said. 

She failed to bring up Brooklyn's dubious cooking abilities. 

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