Dark Star Pictures is proud to announce the theatrical and on demand release of TIME NOW, writer/director Spencer King's highly anticipated new mystery-thriller starring Eleanor Lambert for October 26.

Eleanor Lambert, daughter of Diane Lane and Christopher Lambert, headlines TIME NOW. 

Several years following a falling out with her family in Detroit, Jenny (Eleanor Lambert) is now a young mother living away from home, stuck in an unhappy marriage. After a call from her aunt Joan (Claudia Black), Jenny finds herself back home in Detroit mourning her twin brother's sudden death. Seeing her family caught up in their dreadful past, Jenny goes on to discover the person her brother was on her own. Immersing herself in her late brothers' eclectic group of friends, the scene he belonged to, and the urban playground that is Detroit, Jenny comes to the realization that her brother's death is not what it seems.

(Photo : October Coast)

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TIME NOW co-stars Claudia Black ("The Nevers", "Stargate"), Xxavier Polk, Paige Kendrick and Sebastian Beacon, with R&B star Dwele also appearing in the film. 

TIME NOW will premiere in the marquee category at the Austin Film Festival later this month.

TIME NOW coming to theaters and available on demand October 26.

View and share the new trailer! https://youtu.be/PqCFemDrKEw 

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