Kylie Jenner is in the middle of a controversy once again because of her Kylie Cosmetics line.

The reality star's new makeup line just dropped, but it has become a massive nightmare for her for three reasonable reasons.

On Oct. 12, the Kylie Cosmetics x Nightmare on Elm Street makeup line dropped and featured a limited-edition PR box that featured new products.  


Kylie's Signature Is Missing

However, not all had remorse when they noticed that the box didn't show one important ingredient - Kylie Jenner's signature.

An Instagram user wrote, "the boxed version is $175, I would've paid that much if it was signed. I got the normal $90 one."

Kylie Cosmetics x Nightmare on Elm Street Price

The PR kit is priced at $175, and it immediately sold out within a few minutes. "I was 3 minutes late and already sold out."

Some fans commented how they were sad not being able to snag one piece from the iconic collection, and others said, "The PR box was $175 but the bundle is $90 and it includes all of the same things... or am i missing something? Are y'all paying that much more just for a custom box it comes in?"

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Kylie's Recycled Design

Some fans noticed how the colors look similar to last year. One Instagram user called out Kylie Jenner for using the same color every other year, saying, "Tired of seeing same colors over and over."

Another commented, "At least put some effort on the packaging to the themes. Would attract more customers."

Kylie Cosmetics Promotion Was Disturbing

Meanwhile, criticism against the mom of Stormi Webster became rampant a few weeks ago, ever since she started promoting her new line of products based on the famous horror film franchise.

In some promo pictures, Kylie Jenner can be seen posing naked while covered in fake blood.

Some fans called the photoshoot disturbing, while others think that the entire blood looked "too real" and became triggering for some of them.

One person wrote, "This is kind of disturbing especially since you're pregnant. But that's just my opinion."

While another person said, "For me it was disturbing seeing this but like I said it's just my opinion which obviously doesn't matter."

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