Meghan Markle was an actress long before she married Prince Harry in 2018. She was popularly known for her role as Rachel Zane in the American legal drama series "Suits." Since she has an acting career, Markle appeared in several interviews in the past, and one of them stood out because she foreshadowed her future in the royal family.

According to Cosmopolitan, the Duchess of Sussex was interviewed by InStyle in 2015. It recently resurfaced online as reports of her and Prince Harry entering the finance industry made rounds on the internet.

At the time, Markle gave several pieces of advice on being a "girl boss." She explained that her role as Rachel Zane is a significant example of someone who knows their value within themselves.

"As you get older, you become more comfortable in your skin and comfortable in saying 'no' to things." She said.

The Duchess said saying "no" should be as valuable as saying "yes," because it all boils down to having a "sense of your self-worth."

In addition, Markle dabbled into politics, which is very relatable to her position amid the ongoing royal family drama.

She advised her fans not to get involved in "interoffice politics," because "people get caught up in that."

"it's best to stay out of the drama. You'll be endlessly happier for it. If you want to do that, save that for drinks after work with your girlfriends." She added.

Markle seems to be practicing what she preaches as she and Prince Harry stepped down from their royal duties last year.

"Take things with a grain of salt and find balance within your life... You don't need to make your life your job." She said while explaining her life as an actress and a writer for her now-defunct blog "The Tig."

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What Happened To Meghan Markle, Prince Harry After Stepping Down From Their Royal Duties?

After leaving the firm as senior royals, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge established numerous projects when they relocated to the United States.

The couple signed a multi-million dollar contract with Netflix to create content "that informs but also gives hope."

They also have a project with Spotify that aims to produce podcasts that promote "diverse and inspiring voices."

More recently, the pair is reportedly entering the world of finance and becoming investors of an investment firm that focuses on sustainability.

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