Prince Harry reportedly feels tired of living his life with Meghan Markle already due to their worsening marital issues.

A news outlet claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan have been fighting non-stop in the past weeks. The Duke of Sussex's main issue is about his wife's reckless spending on her wardrobe.

In Touch reported that a royal source estimated the Duchess of Sussex's spending at around $3 million for her wardrobe. She reportedly treats herself with jewelry and expensive designer items.

While Meghan also earns through her appearances, she still never stops buying things since the Sussexes moved to the US.

"She's not on a budget, and it bothers Harry even though he won't say it," the insider went on.

Although Prince Harry will soon receive $20 million for his upcoming memoir, the royal prince reportedly felt like it would be exhausted by his wife. The source said that the prince wanted to tell his story through the biography and not earn money that Meghan could spend on her clothes and accessories.

Aside from In Touch, WHO also claimed that Prince Harry grew tired of living in his wife's shadow following the release of their Time cover photo.

The outlet assumed that the way they posed for the magazine caused people to ridicule and make fun of them. For what it's worth, Prince Harry stood behind his wife in the photo with his hand on her shoulder. People then called it "emasculating" for the royal prince.

This reminded the prince of how it felt like when he lived in the shadow of his brother, Prince William.

Prince Harry Tired Of Meghan Markle?

One thing is for sure: no one can tip news outlets about these private things except Prince Harry and Meghan.

The recent reports about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are seemingly at odds, especially since no couple at the same status as they would publicly out the ugly part of their relationship. In addition, having quarrels after marriage is only normal, and whatever they already dealt with surely has not affected their relationship that much.

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As for the Time cover photo, one should find it hard to judge that Prince Harry felt like he is in the shadows of Meghan. After all, a picture cannot tell the whole story behind it.

Reports like the aforesaid instances should be shrugged as the royal couple has more things to deal with. Thus, giving any attention to the claims would be nothing but a waste of time.

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